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Down Coat Outwear Infant Chic Jacket Collar Black Boys Button Down Stand Lemonkids Women In Tech 14 December 2017

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When we talk about women and technology, we need to talk data. In the United States, a recent report by the National Center for Women and Information Technology highlighted that only 26% of the workforce in the computer field is made up of women. In addition, a survey by Silicon Valley Bank revealed that 68% of startups do not have women on their board. In India, women make up just 30% of the workforce in the technology industry. In many European countries, the wage gap between men and women is present in technological positions. In Latin America, the proportion of women studying in computer careers is low. In addition, shortcomings in Internet access makes it difficult for women of all ages to use the technology in Africa.

Increasing access, skills, and leadership of women and girls in ICT has enormous potential for improving their health and emancipating them through access to information, education and trade opportunities, strengthening not only families and communities, but also national economies and global society as a whole.

In order to speak on a daily basis and to make the problem visible, we considered it necessary to create a Special Interest Group to help change those statistics and to break down the barriers that – at different levels and different realities – still exist between women and technology. In pursuit of these objectives, SIG Women will be a neutral space where women and men can develop, train, discuss, and link their work.

Our general objective:
Promote a global neutral space that works towards the involvement of women in technology and contributes to reducing the gender gap in the field.”

We want to work with civil organizations, institutions, and companies that currently have or are interested in projects related to women and technology. We also want to work with women to help shape the future of the Internet.

Can men participate? Of course. We need everyone to work hand in hand.

SIG Women’s main interest is in the work and empowerment of women in technology issues. It seeks to be a neutral space for projects, initiatives, and stakeholders that advocate for greater inclusion of women in technology and contribute to gender equality in the field.

We invite you to join! We know that the road is not easy, but with your support we will achieve great goals.

Find SIG Women on Facebook, Twitter, and via email!

If we want to ensure that the Internet remains a free and safe digital space for all, it is time to join SIG Women.

Angélica Contreras will be attending the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) later this month as an IGF Ambassador, where this year’s theme is Shape Your Digital Future.

Explore the IGF schedule, which includes the following gender-focused sessions: Women and LGBTQI in the IGF, Tackling gender divides: ICT and women’s economic empowerment (WS37) (organized by ICC Basis), TU/UN Women EQUALS in Tech Awards Ceremony: Closing the gender digital divideEQUALS in Tech Panel Discussion (OF26)BPF on Gender & Access, and Main Session on Gender.

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